Dragon Web Online – SR Witt delivers solid gold.

Get this damn book
Get this damn book

Told from the point of an interview, the like of wish I never a) want to see or b) want to participate in, the story hooks you straight from the start. With an arrogant, know-it-all brother who still managed to cock-up a good thing, the protagonist looks doomed to be pushed into the role of a healer/cleric until his cowardly nature accidentally sees him being set on the path of a rogue/thief.

And this is what I love. This is not only LitRPG, this is GRIMDARK. The character knows he’s flawed, knows what he’s doing is wrong – even feeling remorse as his victim’s warm blood flows over his hands – but still goes ahead and does it anyway so that he can help his mother.

The only issue I have is that the book ends like a kick to the groin. It’s sudden, breathtaking and you’re left wondering what the hell is coming next.



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